Our Story

The sherpa strap was designed by an active ski father looking for a way to make his days at the mountain with his family easier on himself. Spending some time looking at ski straps that already existed, he sought to improve old designs he had used in the past. His goal was to create a strap that didn't use velcro, was easy to use in the cold weather, and could be used by anyone; kids, adults, skiers, or snowboarders. The sherpa strap was born and prototypes were made and tested during the spring of 2015. As modifications were made, it was realized that the sherpa strap can be used to carry many different items, not just skis and snowboards. The unique buckle and ring system make modifying the strap system itself easy to accommodate a range of different products. Get creative, and send us pictures of how you use your sherpa strap! Stay Rad!